Monark coop

Pioneers in milkweed farming, the strength of our network has made Monark’s success possible. Together we expand our worlds, for a more sustainabe crop.

Our values

Democracy, cooperation, solidarity, equality, engagement, social responsibility, sustainaibility, safety, transparency, economic efficiency, openess, respect

The coop business model not only generates ideas through the wealth of our community, but also brings economic solidarity, and ensures longevity. The coop provides mututal support, which strengthens its members, yet enhances their autonomy.

Our values benefit our farmers, as well as our partners, collaborators, clients, and anyone who wants to join our community. Our values are what bring us together!

Our mission

In the highest respect of the environment and preservation of its biodiversity:

To support its farmers through knowledge exchange, the sharing of expertise and resources, to foster the success of the crop at every stage.

To contribute to research and developement.

To further and promote applications made from milkweed, both locally and internationally.


Coop Monark’s vision is to implement an ethical value chain where every participant benefits.

Support the transformation process, to ensure the quality and success of products made from milkweed.

Our objectives aim at the valorization of marginal land, and agricultural diversity.

We strive for local, sustainable production that promotes the vitality of our community.

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Become a partner

Want to be part of Monark’s ecosystem and take part in a visionary, sustainable, unifying project?